Services to Refugees

Our Services include the following areas:

Case Management

This department provides support for families for up to five years after they arrive in Idaho. Our staff and volunteers come alongside refugees, helping them adjust to the culture and build a future for themselves and for their children.

Case Managers at World Relief document official records and help refugees apply for social security cards, food stamps, and Medicaid.  The Case Managers meet with clients for the first eight months they are in-country to answer questions, make referrals, and help clients learn how to manage bills and find affordable housing.

The Case Manager’s job is to get clients plugged in with the community and to help them become self-sufficient.

Employment Services

Financial self-sufficiency is a major piece of the adjustment puzzle for our clients.  They are eager to be self-supporting and relish the opportunity to establish themselves as productive members of their new community.

World Relief serves as a bridge between our clients and the employer to help both overcome potential obstacles to successful employment. We are especially interested in hearing of open positions that may not have been advertised yet. We want to help you fill your small and large business staffing needs. World Relief placement services are completely free of charge to employers.